About Us

Founded by a family of entrepreneurs and dreamers with a strong love for Regina, SkyPark is an active entertainment space designed for kids and adults alike. We encourage you to put down your phone and get active with friends and family in a fun and friendly environment!

Our Story

Growing up in Regina before the smartphone era, our family loved having physical gatherings where we would swim, race go-karts or visit amusement parks together. It helped us bond as family and friends. As time went on, these places started to disappear and new attractions did not come in to fill the void. We feel this has lead to a social disconnect affecting people of all ages, as we all become lost and isolated in digital worlds. With this in mind, we sought out to give back to this city by creating a new and exciting way to keep our community happy and healthy. This is how Skypark came into fruition.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a gathering spot for people who want to be physically active and challenge themselves to find and surpass their limits. Learning to push past your limits can foster courage and teach you the skills to reach your goals and achieve your dreams. We want to help people step out of the virtual world back into the real one for a while.

At SkyPark, you can be your own hero!